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YnDon Clark

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ẎnDon has  a longstanding involvement in Regenerative Technologies that address the unsustainable practices within the world’s current power generation and agricultural paradigm.  His formal college studies are in Renewable Solar Electric Energy at the Ecotech Institute.

After working as a Residential & Commercial Solar Technician, he embarked on an alternative education journey to pursue his passion for Ecological & Off-Grid Systems Design at the Earthship Biotecture Academy and began developing his passion for Water Solutions, when he later became directly involved within courts hearings that contributed to the legalization of Greywater & the removal of the Rainwater Catchment ban in Colorado.

His training in Biotecture (Biological Architectural Symbiosis) opened his heart to pursue learning more about Natural Building & Permaculture as he transitioned from a technology and policy focused career path into an ecocentric worldview seeking to integrate regenerative technologies in our built environments.

Since then he has acquired certifications in Permaculture Design & Village Building Design with an emphasis on terraforming, habitat restoration and wild food forestry.

He has also trained at the Eureka Institute in an applied theosophic temple design science known as Homeodynamics (Alchemical Architecture). His mission has since then expanded to assist the further disclosure of our Ancient Interstellar Origins & the resurrection of our cooperative Godhood as one Planetary Synarchy. The capstone of his life’s work has evolved to prominently focus on teaching about the holographic wisdom of the DNA using The Gene Keys & Human Design System to help guide others in awakening their genius. ẎnDon is a soul infusion (integration) walk-in.

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