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   Kaza Blizz

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Kaza was 33 years old when she became a walk-in on June 5, 2017.  She  is a walk-in from the 13th dimension, a soul exchange, time jumper and an Avatara Healer.  She has abilities of trance healing and prophecy.  Kaza is able to speak and write star languages.  

Kaza was diagnosed with Scleroderma, 15 years ago an incurable autoimmune disease. Suffered from great pain and gone through near death experiences, she encountered with extraterrestrial beings and started to have many different abilities like channelling with the sources from different timelines and dimensions (whom we called as souls, ancestors, spirits, guardians, deities, gods, extraterrestrials or many other names). Through reiki, trance healing, manifestation, star languages, crystals or other modalities, Kaza facilitates and performs her distinct Avatara Healing to heal and empower those in need.


As an Avatara, she believes that using one’s ability to help the world is like illuminating and shining, shedding lights on other lives and help them glow beautifully too. May we all be healed, letting go and rebuild, and reborn.

 In 2013, Australian aboriginals recognized Kaza as a “Shaman”, also known as “Avatars”, goddesses of incarnate deity in ancient times.  She is a soul exchange and time jumpers. “We are a team of various different souls which will show up depending on the different circumstances” says Kaza.

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