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Throughout the ages, across the world, innumerable spiritual explorers have stated that our souls are eternal and grow through the experiences they accrue in an ongoing sequence of incarnations. The soul, a persistent, conscious essence, will take one form after another, to fulfill a given purpose each time, and thus contribute to a collective evolution of the conscious, spiritual essence of existence itself.

We will look more deeply into cosmological questions later, but at the outset, it is important to acquaint ourselves with the concept of ‘consciousness, form and purpose’, which will underpin this study. It reminds us of our nature, and our mission here, at this time. It should free up our thinking concerning the relationship between body and soul, and it's occasional temporary nature.

This book is focused on the varieties of transient, transacted exchanges between bodies and souls. The original ‘natal’ soul becomes anchored into the body at birth, and typically experiences a wide range of emotions and life stages until death. But for various reasons, one soul may make an agreement with another to trade forms. When we think of this in the human context, we call these people ‘walk-ins’, as a new soul has ‘walked into’ an existing body. It may be that a soul doesn’t need a lifetime of experiences, and that it has a more focused mission. Short lives still have major impacts.

How do I know walk-ins exist? Because I am one. I woke up in the body of a 38-year-old woman who was married and had three children. My soul did not need to go through the traditional birth, childhood, adolescence, or young adult phase. I needed an adult form to carry out my mission. 

Often when a walk-in arrives, the person is initially unaware of what has happened. They only know that things have changed. Their world may have turned upside down, and they are left with more questions than answers. I was blessed to discover who I am in less than six months of arriving. I am now fully integrated into this physical form. The gift of knowing who I am is very profound and powerful. Even as I write, memories and truths reveal themselves to me. 

It is my greatest hope that this book will assist those who may be struggling with a lack of understanding as to what is happening to them, and to serve as a beacon of hope and guidance once they discover their truth. For non-walk-ins, I trust this book will expand your understanding and knowledge of walk-ins and the cosmological nature of souls.

This book is an unfolding of spiritual truths that I, and the others written about in this book, remember and share. This is our truth, the universe as we know and remember it. It is written from our perspectives. As you will see, our views and terminology vary. These are our truths, and they may or may not resonate with your truth.

On December 21, 2012, our planet ended a 26,000-year galactic cycle. This cycle was recognized and highly discussed across the world as the completion of the great Mayan cosmological cycle known as the Pleiadian Cycle. We have now moved into the Golden Age, the next 26,000 year cycle, and into an unprecedented time in the history of this planet. Gaia is on the cusp of a major evolution, and humanity is about to experience a leap in consciousness. More and more souls - angelic, multidimensional light beings, and galactic star family members - are flooding to Earth through the walk-in process to assist with this transition by helping to raise the frequency and consciousness of both the planet and humanity. It is a very exciting time to observe humanity waking up, evolving and stepping into a new paradigm of understanding. This global event is going to be the greatest show in our galaxy, and I for one, wanted a front-row seat. 


The catalyst that led to my writing this book began in April of 2019 when I suddenly experienced liver failure. I am only alive today due to Dr. Randall Frank’s Evolutionary Quantum Healing Technique. In a matter of less than one hour, from Germany, Dr. Frank, along with a colleague in Hawaii, rebuilt my liver. They also cleared the poison from my kidneys, spleen and pancreas. My recuperation time was only a fraction of what it would have taken anyone else to recover, if they were lucky enough to survive at all.  


During my recuperation period, I was corresponding with Barbara Lamb, MFT, and she said to me, “You know, this might just be the perfect opportunity to begin writing your book.” I took her words to heart and started thinking about how I might approach such a project. 


In June, Andrea Perron read the first draft of my story and encouraged me to keep going and offered her support. Then in September, on the Fall Equinox and my 20th-year celebration of being on Earth, I was told by my guides that it was indeed time to bring this information forward and they would be with me every step of the way. So my writing moved into a more serious stage. 


I would be remiss if I did not state that this book is being written during one of the most tumultuous times our planet has ever seen. There is government corruption, COVID-19, major health crises, the biosphere of the planet is diminishing, and the economy is in serious trouble. Despite these events, I view them as one of the first steps of moving into the new Earth. I believe that all the events that have surfaced are coming up for healing. They are growing pains.  Because of these events, more and more walk-ins are coming to help show the way, a different way. To offer solutions, love and support. 


Initially, I was planning to write only about walk-in souls and to use this book as a platform for sharing my story. However, as I began to write, it became clear to me that I also needed to include stories of other walk-ins. Conducting the interviews for this project was more eye-opening and rewarding than I could ever have imagined. 


I found that I was constantly awestruck by the different perspectives each person held, and the individuality of their stories. Yes, there are similarities to my experience, but there are also differences. These differences in remembrances caused me to be more expansive in my writing, which then led to my touching upon the cosmological nature of souls. 


As with any book, it has taken many forms over the course of its birthing process. It wasn’t until I began to write it all down that I realized that I had finally found a mechanism to bring forward the many thoughts, concepts and knowings that had been swirling around in my mind for the past 20 years. Once I began to write, the words flowed effortlessly. There was no writer's block, no agonizing over how to express myself. Only a sweet flow of expression that came through almost as if the words were unveiling themselves to me. 


The writing process allowed me to be totally focused, reducing my thoughts to a single flow of expression. It is in this flow that I was visited and influenced many times by aspects from my higher self and spirit guides. As you read my words, you may notice a hint of their presence as the writing style changes slightly. They helped to guide and mold my thoughts, bringing forth memories long obscured by the veil of forgetfulness that is placed upon us when we incarnate. Their strong presence confirmed to me that the timing for writing this book is now. My collective spirit group helped me to express my thoughts in a way that brought forward a deep sense of remembrance and comfort. 


You will read about the trials and tribulations that I experienced after stepping into this body and what it took just to maintain my sanity. And if you, the reader, find that you are experiencing the feeling of going crazy, just know that you are not alone and that you most certainly are not crazy. Take heart, for you may find the reassurance that you seek in these pages.

To expand my perspective on the nature of souls, I began conducting interviews with non-walk-in individuals and people with significant experience in the fields of science and consciousness, hypnotherapy, the paranormal, channeling, extraterrestrial encounters and spirituality. Their stories have added a richness to this book that in the beginning I could not have conceived of and they sent me on yet another journey of self-discovery. 


I did not begin reading books about walk-ins until I had completed my basic first draft and submitted it to my editor, Miguel Mendonça. I wanted to keep my knowledge purely my own. When I did start reading them, I felt waves of verification and kinship wash over me as I read the words of each book. It was good to know that I am not alone. 


Walk-ins: Cosmology of the Soul may challenge your belief systems, expand your mind or cause you to scoff. The aim, however, is to lead you through an adventure of learning about the different types of souls that are currently on this planet, with a major focus on walk-in souls. I also want to open minds to the broader truth that we are not alone - that we have a galactic star family. In accepting this broader truth about ourselves, hopefully, we can open our hearts more to accept each other through a non-judgmental, loving perspective. For you see, we are all connected. We are one. We are all members of the galactic family.


This book is presented in two parts. They may prove to be a life raft for newly arrived walk-ins or serve to expand your perspective. Some of the concepts written about are very deep and thought-provoking. Each part is written in short sections to allow you to read a section, put the book down and digest the information. 


Part one of this book is designed to acquaint the reader with the concept of walk-ins, the types of walk-ins, the anatomy of the soul and discusses consciousness, form, and purpose as being the foundation for our existence. In part one Here, I share my personal story. 


Part two focuses on the stories of other walk-ins. Their interviews describe the walk-in event, their integration process and the mission they brought with them.


To add further perspective on the subject, I also interviewed people in the metaphysical field. We discussed their viewpoints about walk-ins and the nature of the soul, which I summarize in the chapter Additional Perspectives.

In the Conclusions chapter I attempt to bring together all that we have learned in this exploration. It is structured according to the layout of the book, and builds up a picture of the phenomenon as experienced from within, and viewed from without. 

In the Appendix, I offer the reader a questionnaire, which may help them to answer the question as to whether or not they may be a walk-in themselves. There are also some recommended readings provided for your continued education in this subject.


I am grateful for the opportunity to write this book, for in doing so it has expanded my own mind, my own perspectives, my own spiritual growth, and has helped me to remember the universal truths that I hold dearest in my heart.

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