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Maia Chrystine Nartoomid

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Maia is a Mysterium Teacher under the etheric Temple of Thoth, a spiritual consultant, akashic translator (reader) and digital artist. She has been translating from the Akasha consciously as a profession of Spirit since 1967. She Maya received a diploma from the Sophia Divinity School for the Independent Catholic Apostolic Church of Antioch-Malabar Rite in 2000, and was ordained as a priest in that church. She currently serves as a priest in the Ascension Alliance (an independent Catholic movement) and is Dame of the Johannine Templar Priory of the White Stone.


Maia is the co-founder and sole operator of the Spirit Heart Sanctuary, a non-profit ministry. Within the New Earth Star Inner Academy, she provides translations from the Akashic Records on planetary transformation and self-awareness, employing heart ascension principles. Her internet services extend to members and participants globally.


The intersection of quantum physics and conscious evolution of her writings was validated in meetings with Dr. Edgar Mitchell, Apollo 14 astronaut and founder of The Institute of Noetic Sciences (discussed below), and through close correspondence with L. George Lawrence, the inventor of the first laser engine.


She has published two books. Red Tree is an Akashic setting for high spiritual science, and Blue Star Love is a spiritual biography of Elvis Presley. 

Currently, she is the Spiritual Director for the Academy of Geo-Energetics (SAGE) as well as counselor to the SAGE community in Crestone, Colorado. Maia offers private past-life readings via Thoth. All information that she shares is received through her transmissions with Thoth. 

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