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Walk-in Questionnaire


Once a walk-in event has occurred many people are left bewildered for day, months and even years. Some people may not even be aware that such an event has occurred as they retain the memories of the previous soul; however, they know that something has changed. They feel different; they know things without knowing how or why; they have new tastes in food; their limits and boundaries have changed; their behavioral patterns change; their spiritual beliefs dramatically change; or their belief systems change. Some people suddenly disconnect from family and friends and change jobs, get divorced or move to a new town or city. 

There are many common traits among walk-in souls. Are you one of them? The following is a series of questions designed to help determine if you may be a Walk-in. Please circle the number to all the statements or questions that you identify with. 

Have you or are you experiencing any of the below: 


1. Have you experienced a near death experience, major emotional trauma, illness, undergone surgery and felt totally different after the experience? 


2. Do you or have your friends/family noticeable changes in your personality? 


3. Do you suddenly feel differently about family and friends? 


4. Have you made sudden lifestyle changes with no reason? 


5. Have you changed jobs, career, relationship(s) without a reason other than they no longer feed your soul?


6. Are you disinterested in previous hobbies?


7. Have you developed new interests in Spirituality, Astrology, Tarot, Extraterrestrials, Esoteric topics? 


8. Are you experiencing feelings of expansion, a connection to all things, feeling of oneness, almost euphoric? 

9. Have you had an instantaneous awakening of spiritual gifts?

10. Have you ever looked into the mirror and didn’t recognize the person staring back at you? 

11. Do you remember things you didn’t know before without studying about them?


12. Have you experienced missing time?


13. Do you feel that you don’t belong anymore?


14. Do you intuitively know things that you didn’t before?


15. Are you hypersensitive to others thoughts and feelings? 


16. Do you know when people are not being honest with you? 


17. Do you feel like something is different or has happened but you don’t know what?


18. Do you have mental confusion? 


19. Are you experiencing memory loss? Partial or fully?


20. Are you feeling like you know something that other people don’t but you can’t remember what it is? 


21. Do you have a new sense of mission? 


22. Do you have a feeling of being more balanced?


23. Are you experiencing unexplained bouts of sadness or depression?


24. Do you experience feelings of being disconnected to those around you?


25. Have you experienced physical health changes in your health of either symptoms going away or a host of new symptoms arriving? 


26. Are you hypersensitive to other people's feelings and emotions? 


27. Do you have new talents and skills?


28. Are you having out-of-body experiences (OBE), astral travel or astral projection?


If you answered yes to a majority of the above, chances are you are a walk-in. But there is only one way to know for sure. Ask yourself. Trust your inner knowing. Develop a relationship or stronger relationship with your guides and ask them for verification. Seek out someone who might be a walk-in themselves. 

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