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Jacquelin Smith

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Jacquelin Smith, B.A., is a Certified Hypnotherapist, gifted Psychic, Healer, speaks star and light language, is a Metaphysical Teacher, Star Being Communicator, Animal Communicator, Experiencer, a Hybrid and has experienced multiple walk-ins. She is a speaker and has spoken at numerous conferences including the International UFO Congress, Midwest Veterinary Conference, and the Universal Light Expo to name a few.

She has authored two books, Animal Communication - Our Sacred Connection, and her latest book Star Origins and Wisdom Of Animals: Talks With Animal Souls. She believes that we are all star beings here on earth and that the animals are star beings as well. She has multiple audio downloads and CD’s available on her website which include Mantis Transmissions – Light Language with Mantis Beings; Deeper Heart Openings; Awakening Star Consciousness; Becoming an Animal and Telepathic Communication With Animals; Communication With Star Beings; and Light Language.

Jacquelin has been interviewed extensively about being an Experiencer, a Hybrid and her animal communication work. She has written numerous articles about communicating with animals and nature for a variety of publications. She was interviewed and has her own chapter in two books written by Miguel Mendonca, Meet the Hybrids and Being with the Beings.

Since she was a young child, Jacquelin has had numerous multidimensional personal encounters, and regular telepathic communications with star beings, light beings, angels and interdimensional beings. During a near death experience (NDE), she had a direct experience with the light, angels and other beings. She travels through her consciousness, to other star systems and universes and remembers what she is shown.

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