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Rob Gauthier

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Rob Gauthier, known as the ET Whisperer, has channeled more than 250 different extraterrestrial beings, but mainly two: TReb Bor yit-NE, a fifth-density being, and Aridif, a sixth-density being.

He has been interviewed on a variety of radio shows and YouTube channels, and has been featured in multiple shows on Gaia TV. Rob has his own YouTube channel called the E.T. Whisperer where he shares hundreds of hours of channeling videos, classes and workshops.


He co-authored three books with Jefferson Viscardi entitled Plee-Na-Ki and The Plenatalaka - Pleiadian Soul Reflection; Benevolent Hybrid Reptilian Humans; and Extraterrestrial Life - Galactic Humans. Rob also has a chapter in the book Being with the Beings - The How and the Why of ET Contact, by Miguel Mendonça. He is currently authoring his own book in partnership with Aridif.

Rob lives in Michigan with his son Jeremie, his beloved Kalina Angell and their daughter, Lilith. His website is

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