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Jeremie Leckron

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Jeremie was born in Glendale, California in 1943. She spent her childhood years in Salt Lake City, Utah and on Hopi Third Mesa in Arizona. Her undergraduate education was at the University of Utah where she received a Masters Degree in Anthropology. Later, she attended the University of California Berkeley where she received her Doctorate in Psychology and Postdoctoral work in Religion from the California Institute for Integral Studies. She considers herself a lifetime student of the work of Carl Jung and Rudolf Steiner. 

Growing up, she spent her summers with her grandmother on Third Masa, learning the old ways of the people until her grandmother’s passing. She then resumed her training with her uncle and great aunt. Jeremie is the seventh daughter of the seventh daughter of the seventh daughter and to the Hopi people, that is highly significant.

Some of the teachers Jeremie apprenticed with include: Chief Dan Evehema (Hopi); Sun Bear (Chippewa); Fire Dog (Navajo); Grandfather Rolling Thunder (Shoshone/Cherokee); Grandmother Snowdeer (Olgala Sioux); Grandmother Moon Shadow (Zuni); Her Grandmother, Violet (Komokpu kroanix) (Hopi, Third Masa); Her Great Aunt, Tish (1/2 Hopi 1/2 Anglo); and Her Uncle Tom Banyanca (Hopi, Second Mesa).

She was given the name Grandmother Medicine Song (So’o Ngahu Taawi) at a council held in Zuni, Pueblo in the summer of 2017. She was also given permission to share her knowledge of the medicine teachings she holds in the oral tradition to a global community online. She takes the title of ‘grandmother’ very seriously. Grandmother (So’o) is both a term of endearment as well as a sign of respect bestowed upon a woman. 

Jeremie is a spiritual teacher (and is mine), a storyteller and a ceremonial leader. Her heritage is both Anglo Saxon and Hopi American Indian. She says she was blessed to grow up in two worlds: the world of her white mormon ancestry and that of her maternal Hopi Indian ancestry. Beginning in 2019, at the age of 75, she decided that now is the time to make the necessary bridge to a larger global community by co-creating a website with the help of a few students. The website provides Hopi Wisdom Teachings. Jeremie is a soul exchange walk-in.

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