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Barbara Lamb




With the earth and humanity being in a more than ever threatened condition at the current time (with climate change, countless wars, sex trafficking and slavery, the worldwide health pandemic, the rollout of 5G worldwide, financial resources being drained from governments and from the people, decisive competitions between political parties and countries. massive surveillance of citizens in many countries, covert forces attempting to control our lives, the confusion about what is real news vs. what is fake news, etc) humanity needs massive help in order to continue and to flourish, Sheila Seppi informing us about benevolent walk-ins, living and working amongst us, is most welcomed and appreciated. 


Walk-ins, Extraterrestrial-Human Hybrids, Star Seeds, Star Children, etc are known to be living with us and to be helping to raise the consciousness of humanity and 'shedding light amongst the darkness'.  Many people feel a significant movement called Ascension is occurring to advance humanity into a higher dimension and a finer way of being. The truth about our worldly dysfunctions is slowly being revealed.  All of this gives us some much needed hope. Sheila's revelations show us we are multidimensional beings and consciousness from higher dimensions can find ways to dwell here with us and (in some instances) dwell within us, as in the case of walk-ins. 


Through my forty-five years as a licensed psychotherapist and regression therapist and through my own personally transformative experiences I have gained an expanded picture of reality: third dimensional reality, other dimensions of reality and life of the soul.I have conducted several thousand hypnotic regressions to peoples' past life experiences and to encounters with beings from other planets and dimensions. Included among these people and these types of experiences I have met and worked with a few walk-ins.


In 1990 through my past life therapy work and my involvement with the International Association of Regression Research and Therapies I first learned of a colleague's therapeutic work with a walk-in woman. The woman became aware of her walk-in nature by being regressed to the source of her many environmental and food allergies and her disorientation, which had suddenly begun in her adult life. She discovered that she had come from another dimension and made a 'soul exchange' with a woman already living here (the 'natal' in Sheila Seppi's terms). In order to raise the consciousness of human beings. With the help of the therapist she was able to adjust to being in that body, and to adjust to the earth environment, and carry out her mission for being here.  This was at that time an entirely new concept for me.


The next walk-in I knew was a woman in her thirties in Colorado.I had met her parents, who asked me why their daughter had suddenly changed from leading a low-consciousness, materialistic life to wanting to establish a metaphysical bookshop and center and to teach spiritual classes.In subsequently working with the daughter we realized she was a walk-in from an extraterrestrial life on a large spaceship. In one regression she connected with her extraterrestrial father and learned details of her former  extraterrestrial life and her mission of enhancing spirituality on earth. 


Subsequently I met a woman in her forties who had come into her natal's body from a high spiritual plane to increase peoples' spirituality. She was so different in style, interests, food preferences and ways of being than the natal's husband that they were in the process of divorcing, so she would be free to carry out her mission. Next I worked with a woman who had 'walked in' from being a male extraterrestrial commander/pilot of a spacecraft. Her mission was to work with people through the hypnosis process in order to clear up past problems and expand their consciousness and awareness of  reality. We discovered that at times she returned to her spaceship and temporarily resumed her role as the ET commander/pilot, and then returned into the natal's body again and continued her mission. Her romantic partner had witnessed the 'soul exchange' when it had taken place. Through my continuing regression work I have come to know other walk-ins as well.


I see many aspects in walk-ins that are synonymous with aspects in the ET-human hybrids with whom I have worked and about whom I have written ( with Miguel Mendonca) in our book Meet The Hybrids: The Lives and Missions of ET Ambassadors On Earth.  As with the walk-ins these hybrids are here in human form to raise the consciousness of humanity, to give helpful service to humans, and to aid in the process of Ascension. These characteristics and intentions are true of star seeds and star kids as well.


I also appreciate Sheila's clearly showing us about the life and evolution of the human soul, in and out  of numerous incarnations and dimensions and types of beings. Her nonjudgemental emphasis on the value of 'experience' is significant in the immensely long journeys of our souls and our relation to the Source. The knowledge she shares with us truly expands our understanding of reality.


My own understanding of the walk-in phenomenon has been greatly expanded and deepened by Sheila's work in this book and by knowing Sheila herself. I especially appreciate her sharing her own walk-in journey and challenges, as well as the stories of the fifteen  other walk-ins she has introduced to us. She is a clear example of a soul who has chosen to be here to give service, to inspire, and to uplift people, and she does so in many ways through her multifaceted work. She is making a valuable contribution to the upliftment and enlightenment which the world so desperately needs.




Andrea Perron


If we are fortunate enough in this life to come across someone who has been gifted to the world by the Universe, we know it. Instinctively, we know they are someone special. Viscerally, we feel their unique vibration and automatically synchronize with it, attaining an identical frequency. Our cerebral response is one of curiosity, a certain fascination, but our heart and soul know each other well. At that point of ancient recognition, all of the questions are answered before they are asked, and the singular answer is "Love". We know their insights, their history, the essence of the spiritual being standing before us. I don't think it is a matter of happenstance. On some level, I know I was supposed to meet Sheila Seppi. Our connection was not coincidental, a word we created to explain away the otherwise inexplicable events of life. The stars aligned and our point of connection was both instant and infinite, grounded in Higher Love.

Quite like myself, she is in this world but not of this world. Ethereal by nature, Sheila possesses knowledge of another realm, and functions with ease in other dimensions. She floats through life, extending every kindness and meeting every need as though it was what she was born to do. There is no explaining Sheila, far too complicated a subject for simple definitions. Though she self-describes as a "walk-in" which is a relatively odd term in the lexicon, a new vernacular has risen from the field of study. It matters not in the grand scheme of things as Cosmic Consciousness expands. As for myself, when I'm in the presence of someone holy, I know it.  


The most important thing we can do is learn from one another. Not all of us will share like experiences in life, but we are more than capable of absorbing and assimilating the experiences of others and internalizing the conclusions we draw. In this respect, when we engage and interact, we become a part of the other entity we encounter as they simultaneously merge with us, even through the written word. Therefore, each one of us has the opportunity to grow from the union (or reunion) according to our capacity to process information. Any empirical study of humanity yields similar results. We are complicated beings, riddled with emotions. Most people are intellectually adept, predisposed to learning by observation. We look around at the world to determine how we fit in and where we belong.


Though this is true of most, it does not apply to all who walk the Earth. There are those among us who are the misfits, prime examples of beings who have come here specifically with purpose and reason, deliberately so, to gently guide lost and longing souls to a deeper comprehension of self. As a source of pure enlightenment, they are in tune with Source Energy, and are generally known to be healers. Though there are different paths to this level of spiritual cognition, some are graced with it at birth, evolving into a self-awareness of who they are and why they're here. Others struggle with intrinsic knowledge, certain they will never fit in, frequently withdrawing from society for self-protection, all the while questioning their own origin and sanity. It is difficult enough to face the reality of our existence, let alone the feeling of being so alone in the midst of it. However, those who can accept and embrace the transformation as it occurs are most well-equipped to help those who can't cope with the high strangeness of it all. Sheila spent years coming to terms with her power and prowess as a healer. She questioned every element of her existence, explored every emotional reaction to it, and familiarized herself with her new, unusual self well before embarking on this extensive project.


It requires uncommon courage to take such a leap of faith, to declare oneself a walk-in, to be open to the possibilities it provides to share with those unfamiliar with the concept. In doing so, she has enhanced our understanding of what it means to be "human" in context with our essentially spiritual nature, thus challenging our former notion of reality. Witnessing her old reality through new eyes, she fearlessly details the process and personal progress inherent to her ascension. A brave soul among a world full of cowards afraid of their own shadow, even the most fear-based individuals find themselves gravitating to her energy because they are disarmed by her presence. Without even knowing what is wrong, what needs to be healed within them, they sense an impending peace, and the promise of salvation in her arms. She is a conduit, able to absorb and release the pain of others without causing any harm to herself. It is a gift. Observing her doing so with humility, grace and incredible ease is, indeed, a wonder to behold. 


Make no mistake about it, we are now in the midst of The Paradigm Shift, currently entering a new Age of Enlightenment unlike anything else humanity has experienced heretofore. There is nothing comfortable about this inevitable transition, a tidal wave of consciousness-raising sweeping the planet. We can either ride the wave into the Fifth Dimension or we will surely perish from the oppressive weight of our 3-D world. It is a conscious (and subconscious) choice each and every one of us make during the course of our existence in this incarnation. I consider Earth as Soul School, and no matter how we got here, or why, the curriculum is a tough one. The test always precedes the lesson. Our archaic belief systems will be challenged, perhaps even fractured as we absorb new information and ancient truth imbued by our teachers and healers, the seekers and seers among us who have already traveled an arduous path on a journey none of us can avoid. If you are drawn to this master work of disclosure, then rest assured, there is a reason. Take it in. Rest easy in the knowledge that you are not alone and are actually on your way home in heart, finding your way in the dark, not because it is the Light guiding the way, but because you are becoming the Light you seek, illuminating your own path as you recognize your purpose and brilliance.


Soul is our essence. Love is the answer. Let your conscience be your guide. Allow your moral compass to point you in the right direction, and when the wave is too tumultuous, flip over and float, as the Universe knows the destination. Be not afraid to clasp the hand of those who have already experienced transcendental spiritual metamorphosis, those with the courage to share their information and transformation with the world. Sheila Seppi is one such individual. As she heals me with her eyes, she will touch you with her words. Magic being science we do not yet understand, it manifests in many forms. She is my mystical, magical friend, my Soul sister, and my touchstone. A privilege and pleasure to contribute my personal thoughts to this remarkable volume, the contribution it will ultimately make to the field of metaphysics will prove incalculable, as immeasurable as Soul itself. I eternally celebrate the day she walked into my Netherworld.  


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