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Walk-ins and the Cosmology of the Soul:  Consciousness, Form, Purpose

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This book is focused on the varieties of transient, transacted exchanges between bodies and souls. The original ‘natal’ soul becomes anchored into the body at birth, and typically experiences a wide range of emotions and life stages until death. But for various reasons, one soul may make an agreement with another to trade forms. When we think of this in the human context, we call these people ‘walk-ins’, as a new soul has ‘walked into’ an existing body. It may be that a soul doesn’t need a lifetime of experiences, and that it has a more focused mission. Short lives still have major impacts.

How do I know walk-ins exist? Because I am one. I arrived into the body of a 38-year-old woman who was married and had three children. My soul did not need to go through the traditional birth, childhood, adolescence, or young adult phase. I needed an adult form to carry out my mission.

I reached out to a number of experienced, respected figures in this field, and asked them about their views on walk-ins and the cosmology of the soul. I have summarized their views.

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